Transformational Health Coaching



Say, what?

You’re not showing up as the energetic, healthy, happy, confident woman you need to be in order to grow your business, raise your family, and life your life? Oh no! I can help.

You’re feeling heavy, exhausted, lethargic, frazzled, irritable, depressed, anxious, or just not 100% yourself?


You’re in the right place.

You’re tired of the status quo with your health. Enough is enough already. You want to lose the weight once and for all. You want your clothes to fit like they’re supposed to fit. You want to have the energy you need to do everything you’re called to do. You want to feel confident in your own body so you can be ALL you are meant to be in this life.


I’m thrilled you’re here.

It’s time to reclaim your health through transformational health coaching with me. (Ooohhh, this is gonna be fun!)

You can choose an upcoming group coaching program, such as a 10-Day Eat Clean Challenge or Deep Detox, or you can choose private health coaching where we work privately together, for eight weeks or more, to accomplish your health goals.



Schedule a complimentary 30-minute Wellness Breakthrough Session to determine your best course of action.

Please complete the information below and I’ll be in touch shortly. I’m excited to support you however I can.


What Clients Are Saying

"I have worked with Casey as a private client.  As a mom of 11, life is in constant movement and I can forget to take care of myself. I can get fatigued and bogged down physically, mentally and spiritually. At a crucial time in my life, I met Casey! It was her philosophy of Eating Chocolate and Not Exercising that caught my attention! I know it was God orchestrated.  She sees my potential and identity, even when I can’t.  From the very beginning, she has seen me as a world changer and pushes me to be just that.  I even love her for her “tough love”.  As a health coach, she has taught me about taking action to be intentional in my health choices and to care for myself as a whole. She has helped me understand that if I am left empty, then I cannot give out.  Today, I am pounds lighter, not only physically but emotionally and mentally as well. I am spiritually stronger. I have recommended Casey as a health coach to several of my friends and I know that they too have benefited from her constant support and knowledge. I would recommend any of Casey’s programs to anyone looking to turn their life around.”

M. Carter

"Casey, again thank you so much!  I would not be physically or emotionally (with self care) where I am today without you!!!! You are helping me take back my health and helping me place my self care needs as a daily priority. Everyday is like a gift because I am unfolding the person that has been placed on hold because of taking care of others. It has been so renewing and re-energizing.  I am beginning to love on myself like I love on others and realizing it is necessary not self absorbed.  For so long, without realizing it, I cut out my own whole being wellness bringing me to a physically unhealthy place.  Casey, because of God bring you into my life, this girl is not going back there!!  Thanks so much.  I can not express how much I am grateful for you!  Thank you for following God's call to reach out to women and being obedient!  You HAVE made a difference in this girl's life!!  So wished we lived closer! Love ya!"

G. Carrier

“Casey has been such a great support for me!  Not only did she help with nutritional advice, she helped with SO much more!  Casey gave me insight spiritually in a way that helped me heal on the inside.  I will always be grateful for her wisdom, knowledge, and sensitive nature!”

J. Settle

"What makes Casey special is that she is about love and support!  Her challenges and coaching create a facebook community where you feel that you have Casey and the SheShines community's encouragement.  She wants you to eat, have fun (exercise), and reflect. Casey knows that it is about your journey with food, exercise, stress, family -- whatever is on your plate. Her goal as a health coach is exactly that -- your overall health.  She wants your health to be good to get as much out of your life as you can.  With Casey, you will be able to work on what is challenging you in an environment of positive energy."

Laurie Saroff