I am honored to work with some of the most amazing people on the planet through private health coaching, Eat Clean Challenges, seasonal detoxes, and wellness workshops.

My life has been richly blessed because of this work I get to do. Each person who has come into my space has changed my life for the better, and it’s my prayer that they leave my space having felt loved, heard, and supported.

It’s to each of them that I say, “SHINE ON!” Go. Do your thing on this planet with passion and energy. The world needs your light. I love you.


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“She inspires without overwhelm.”

Casey knows how to inspire without overwhelm. The insights and doable “real life” solutions she shares help you live a more vibrant, healthy, purposeful life. She helps you discover what could be blocking your success, and helps you create a plan to overcome it. Casey won’t let you quit on yourself and is the best cheerleader, encouraging you on until you reach your goals.

— Heather Carson

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"Definitely a Lifestyle Change!"

It’s definitely a lifestyle change. This weight loss intensive has killed my desire to eat out and to buy smoothies (my homemade smoothies taste better.) I am continuing to eat cleaner. I am not gonna lie, I had cookies a couple of days, but I was [still] able to lose 7lbs this month. I look forward to next month’s clean eating challenge and my tummy continuing to shrink. CASEY you have changed my life. THANK YOU!

— Camille Francis


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“I love these challenges”

I will take consciousness into my daily life...of food, drink, stress reduction every day! I love these challenges and with every one I do, I become stronger to be whom God intended.

— Amy Rose

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“I've lost 10 lbs and I feel great!”

Thank you, Casey. This was amazing! I’m down 4 lbs since the challenge began and I feel great! I’ve lost 10 lbs total – I started early! I’m continuing this way for a while. Thanks for all of your support and knowledge! You ROCK!

— Wanza Leftwich


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“Customized Support...”

Casey's customized support really helped get me focused on the right things and not dwell on the negative. The recipes and varied topics have given me many new ways to stay focused on my health!

The desired weight loss was a key driver for me signing up but the joy and excitement I now have about my health is even better than just the weight loss. I'm more confident than I've been in years!

I'm so glad I joined and so grateful for Casey and all I've learned... I know it will be the key to my long term success.

— Gail Burk

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“Thankful for the 'light bulb' moments!”

Thanks to Casey’s beginning statements in the Intensive that gave me those light bulb moments that I needed to believe this is possible! One of those light bulbs was that you will never change unless you say no. If we stay the course (even after eating some things that are not so healthy) but continue to not give up on our purpose and power in our bodies, then we can succeed!

— Camille Francis



“Looking at food differently...”

Casey helped me look at food in a different way than I had before. She helped me to stop stressing around food, and she taught me how good food really does help our bodies function and feel better.

— Karien Thomas


“I have lost about 22 lbs!”

After the 3 months Slim Down I have lost about 22 pounds and have gone off 3 of my medications. I am a much happier and healthier person since adopting a plant based diet that fuels my body with the nutrients it needs. Casey is a gift that God gave me and I thank God for the opportunity to work with her. She's the best!

— Donna Barnett