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My holistic health journey began by being brave and tasting a green smoothie.

I was scared!

You may be, too.

But, I guarantee that you’ll LOVE it!

Trust me. (wink, wink)

We start August 18th!

and it’s free!


This 3-Day Green Smoothie & Great Scripture Reset is for you if:

  • You are a purpose-driven woman ready to LOVE that Miracle Machine (body) God gave you!

  • You need more energy and vibrancy.

  • You know your Miracle Machine is crying out for some delicious nourishment (you can feel it in your achy joints, bloated tummy, foggy brain).

  • You are feeling less-than-confident in your body.

  • You want to jump start weight loss.

  • You are ready to refresh your mind and spirit, too!

  • You know that God must be in the center of your Health Adventure and you’re ready to invite Him in.

  • You know the power of community and a coach guiding you each step of the way.

  • You know that big things can happen in 3 LITTLE DAYS. (yes, it’s true!)

I’m going to show you EXACTLY how to make a green smoothie - holding your hand each step of the way!

It’s gonna be FUN!!! You’ll be inspired and motivated.

What’s the objective for the 3 Days?

(I’m glad you asked.)

We will be ADDING IN one green smoothie a day (at least!!) and focusing on one great scripture each day, too! Now, if you want to ADD IN more than one green smoothie a day, that’s totally awesome!! But, the goal of this Reset is to show you just how easy delicious green smoothies are to incorporate into your life.

Did I mention that this 3-Day Reset is FREE?!? That’s right.

You have nothing to lose.

So invite your friends and family and…


We start August 18th!

(But you can grab your virtual seat in the group now!)

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What will this experience DO for me?

(You may be asking)

Here’s what previous She Shines Smoothie Reset participants have to say!

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I lost two pounds, although I'm sure I'll bounce up a bit when eating normal, I've lost 7 pounds over the last month, finally.
- Kathy Howell

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Pamela selfie 2.jpg

Thank you so much, Casey! This sure gave me a boost in the right direction. I lost 3 pounds. But even more important, it allowed me to remember how convenient and easy the nourishing smoothies are. My goal is to start every morning with one. Thanks again for all that you do. You ROCK!  - Lisa Simmons

Donna selfie 1.jpg
Lore selfie 1.jpg

Thank you so much Casey for this reset! I had never participated in anything like this before and what an eye opener it was! I only drank a smoothie once a day and then ate plant based and clean. I lost two pounds in the process! I never realized how much mindless nibbling and processed food that I was eating! - Linda Bracken

I lost 5 pounds in these 3 days and I had 2 smoothies a day and a salad for supper; AND LOTS of water. I intend for today to be Day 4 of continuing this plan until I lose the remaining 15 pounds and establishing a new eating habit. Bless you Casey for being a great encourager and motivator.
- Betty Nunes

I wanted to get off sugar and the fast challenged me to do that. And I did! Got up this morning and started the day with another smoothie. When I got hungry I drank the other half. Lunch was a salad. I like this new pattern. My mind is more clear for sure! Thanks, Casey, for giving us a reset. - Susan Visser


Thank you so much for doing this short 3 day cleanse. It’s been fun and refreshing with a little weight loss as well. - Nancy Ezell


Feeling trimmer, healthier and more self control. Not craving sweets Whoohoo! I’m planning on doing a 3 day smoothie fast once a month! - Nancy James

This can be You! Join us!

We start August 18th!
(But you can grab your virtual seat in the group now!)

Click below to be invited into the group.