10 Day Eat Clean Challenge


10 Day Eat Clean Challenge


Eat clean for 10 days and watch your weight drop, your energy raise, and your confidence skyrocket!!  Oh, your skin will glow, too.  Sound good?  Of course it does!  Check out this self-guided 10-Day Eat Clean Challenge.  I’ll hold your hand each step of the way!  When you commit to this Challenge, you won’t believe the difference 10 days can make in your health.

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During this 10-Day Eat Clean Challenge, we will be enjoying what God has put on this planet for us to enjoy.  Whole, simple food. Lots of veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, whole grains, and crisp, clear water.  And, of course SMOOTHIES!

Nothing weird…no pills or artificial potions.

You will shop at your local grocery store!

You will feel more energized, weight will come off, your skin will begin to glow, and you will feel like a million bucks because you will be bringing your body into balance.

You have NOTHING TO LOSE except brain fog, fatigue, and unwanted pounds!


A 10-Day Eat Clean Challenge Overview.

A 10-Day Eat Clean Challenge Shopping Guide.

Recipes and recipe links.

1-hour Kick Off call.

Daily teachings, challenges, smoothie recipes, resources, and scripture verses to inspire.

Daily education on gut health.  80% of your immune system resides in your gut (digestive tract)…you gotta keep it healthy!

A community of like-minded, action-oriented individuals who will motivate and encourage you during the 10-Day Challenge.

An experience that has the potential to change your life!


No special equipment necessary.  Just a blender (nothing fancy or expensive)!  We’ll be doing green smoothies (and other smoothies) throughout the 10-Day Challenge.  Don’t be scared!  Before I sipped my first green smoothie, I was the biggest skeptic in the whole wide world!  It’s the most tasty way to get lots of alkalizing leafy greens into your daily nourishment.  You’ll get lots of recipes and it’s SUPER easy.  Clean up is a breeze, too!

When you register, you’ll immediately receive your Shopping Guide and Overview (this explains EVERYTHING so you’ll know exactly what to do over the next 10 days). Tomorrow you’ll get the Kick Off Call and then you’ll start your Challenge. Each day you’ll receive an email from me with the day’s education, inspiration, recipe, etc. This is self-guided but you won’t be alone!

What’s the cost? JUST $22. START NOW!