Thanks for listening to me on KCBI.  I appreciate you!  And, I'm so thankful to Jeff and Rebecca for their enthusiasm and support of She Shines Wellness.  I'm honored to get to be on the radio with the best DJs in the land.

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What I teach is “health for life purpose.”

This is not health for health’s sake.

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This is health so you can live your purpose with passion and energy!

God created you with unique gifts and talents to share with the world.  You must be healthy and happy in order to do that. He wants you living and long and vibrant life, serving and loving people all along the way.

And, it starts with selfless self-care. In invite you to begin implementing daily health rituals that support your total wellness. It starts with YOU taking care of yourself so you can then give to others.

Take a peek around my site. Read through some blog posts, watch my green smoothie video. I offer in-person workshops, virtual webinars, essential oil classes, 10-Day Eat Clean Challenges, and private health coaching. You can also pick up my book, The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur’s Guide to Holistic Health on Amazon.

Also, here’s a gift for you. My Signature Green Smoothie recipe!  I call it “health insurance-in-a-glass!”  You will improve your energy, lose weight, improve digestion and enjoy clearer skin…and clearer thinking!

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"As a speaker, Casey grabs your attention right from the start and never lets go. She is engaging, energetic and knowledgeable, not to mention a delight to work with! As a health and wellness coach, she has changed both my eating habits and my life. Casey serves as the health and wellness coach on “Mornings with Jeff and Rebecca” on a regular basis, and is by far our most popular guest."
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~ Rebecca Ashbrook Carrell, radio co-host of “Mornings with Jeff and Rebecca on 90.9 KCBI,” author of Holy Jellybeans: Finding God Through Everyday Things, and conference speaker/Bible teacher