Health Coach Blueprint


Hey, Health Coach!

You love coaching people to create their most optimal health, AND you understand the power of creating residual income so you don’t HAVE to trade hours for dollars all the time. (Which is why you’re on this page, right?)

You don’t want to be an “icky salesperson” pushing an MLM business on people, AND you understand the power of residual income and network marketing, especially in today’s connected/online era.

You are interested in the possibility of incorporating products into your health coaching business, AND you want to incorporate only those products you resonate with, those that fill a gap.

You would like to explore adding dōTERRA to your coaching practice, AND you understand the importance of having someone support, train, lead, and guide you so that it feels authentic and purposeful.


I’m glad you're reading this.

(You're super smart! )

See, I’m you. I LOVE supporting, encouraging, challenging, and inspiring my clients to reach their happiest health! It’s so much fun, isn’t it??

I created a 10-Day Eat Clean Challenge and have led thousands of people through it from all over the world. So fun! I lead deeper detoxes and work with private clients. And, I speak to large and small groups all about holistic health.

I’m certified through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. And, have learned from some of the best, including Andrea Nakayama, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, Dr. Josh Axe, and more.



And, through all of that (getting certified, leading Challenges, working with private clients, and learning from the best), I could not keep my own daughter healthy. She kept getting a chronic throat issue. In fact, she got it three times in the course of a school year. So, we went through three traditional solutions, she was out of school three days each time. And, then the next school year rolled around. The day before the new year started, she said, “Mom, I think I’m getting it again.”

Ugh. I threw my hands up and knew things needed to change. I knew the we were totally weakening her immune system through the traditional route we were taking. But, at that moment, I didn’t know how to take care of her NATURALLY.



At that point, I knew nothing about oils and their therapeutic value. I only knew they were great for aromatherapy. But, I had been hearing more and more about them and knew I should give them a try to support my family and their health.

I researched lots of different oil companies and fell in love with the mission and vision of dōTERRA. Their mission is to empower families all over the world with natural solutions for health. That was something I could get on board with. And, their oils are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade, which was important to me since I would be using them with/on my kids.

But, there was a problem…in my mind.

They are a network marketing company.



At that time, I didn’t want to have anything to do with a network marketing company and had no desire to incorporate it into my health coaching business. But, again, I LOVED the heart of the company and decided I would just order oils for my family and NOT “do the business.” (In fact, when I ordered my first oils, I said I would absolutely not talk about them to anyone.)

Well, obviously that changed.

It changed because the oils worked. It changed because I learned that oregano is one of nature’s most powerful immune supports, something I didn’t know in all my life until then, and I was a little bit unhappy about that! (Why hadn’t anyone ever bothered to tell me?!) It changed because I was determined to educate others about these natural solutions that facilitate health and your body’s natural desire to heal. It changed because the more I knew about dōTERRA, the more I fell in love with dōTERRA, and I wanted everyone else to feel that love.



Also, after using the oils just for my family and seeing results, I had lots of people asking me about them so I taught my first oils class online.

I had 125 people registered for that class. Wowza.

That told me that there was a deep hunger for something other than the current status quo of broken healthcare . That also told me there’s a huge need that I cannot fill by myself.

I’ve been teaching oils classes ever since then. The oils part of my business works in tandem with the health coaching part of my business. They fit together seamlessly.

The oils fill a gap. Sometimes we need a powerful natural solution to help support our body's many systems. Sometimes we need extra help working through emotions and the oils work wonders here, too. Sometimes (always) we need to trade out our toxic cleaning products for something natural. The oils come to the rescue in so many ways!

The cool thing about it is that when I teach about oils and have new people open wholesale accounts, dōTERRA pays me a commission. Then I have the privilege of teaching my new oil users how to incorporate the oils into their life. I have met some of the most amazing people because of these oils and I’ve heard so many awesome success stories (I’m going to compile oils success stories for a page on my site) from people.

Because dōTERRA pays me, I’m creating residual income that just continues to grow. So, while I trade hours for dollars as a health coach (leading Challenges, working with private clients, etc.), I am also growing a residual income through dōTERRA. This is way cool!



One of my favorite things to do is work with health coaches (just like you!) to show you exactly how to incorporate dōTERRA into your health coaching business without feeling yucky about it. You CAN do this in a very genuine and authentic way with lots of integrity. I have. And, dōTERRA is an amazing company that you will be proud to represent. Also, no matter where you are in the country, I can support you. I’ve built my dōTERRA business mostly through online avenues.



Your first step to learn more is to get your “Blueprint to Successfully Incorporating Oils into Your Existing Health Coaching Practice.” In this report, you’ll learn what I’ve done to create this monthly residual income which allows me to be selective in my “trading hours for dollars” activities. And, this income continues to grow. The best thing is that I know that as my income with dōTERRA grows, it’s because more and more people are bringing oils into their homes and are feeling empowered with natural solutions for their family’s health. So fun!

So, download your Blueprint Here and then email me to get your very own “Essential Oils for Health Coaches” gift package mailed directly to you (snail mail!). I look forward to having a conversation about this to see if it’s a right fit for you. I have a few key leadership positions on my team waiting for the right person. I work closely with my leaders to help them teach, serve, and grow, so these spots are by application/interview.

 Essentially yours,


Not a Health Coach yet, but want to become one?
I recommend two programs.

1.  The Institute for Integrative Nutrition which is where I received my coaching certification.

2.  Fresh Start Coaching Academy where I am on staff.