The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur's Guide to Holistic Health

Learn how your health can easily support your life purpose through the simple steps outlined in this book. And, these steps are easy to implement immediately for instant success!

Includes yummy smoothie recipes and powerful scripture verses
to inspire your health journey.

Without your health it is difficult to fulfill all that God has called you to do as a Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur. This easy to follow and life-changing guide provides a blueprint for nourishing yourself - mind, body, and spirit.

Discover how to break strongholds that hold you back, the secret sauce for deliciously happy health, the top things to add (and avoid) in your daily nutrition, plus the key components of your personal holistic health plan. You'll even find some awesome recipes and inspirational scriptures included to help you on your journey!

It is time for you to shine and when you're happy, healthy, and whole you can best use the gifts and talents He has given you to serve His people and change the world!