What is a “Green Smoothie” and What Does it REALLY Taste Like?

That’s a great question, and it’s the VERY question I asked when my brother told me I needed to try one!

I had no idea.

I knew one thing, though.

It sure didn’t sound very appetizing.

green smoothie.jpg

And, I sure didn’t want to try one.

But, my brother was persistent and I relented.

When I sipped my very first green smoothie, I could not believe how delicious it tasted.

And, I couldn’t believe that no one had introduced me to green smoothies before!

(That’s why I’m introducing YOU to them now!)

See, I thought a green smoothie was ONLY greens.  I was imagining kale, broccoli, and spinach blended up into a green mess.


But, nope!

Green smoothies have leafy green goodness IN them, but that’s not the ONLY thing they are.

Aren’t you relieved?

Along with those powerful leafy greens, you add some sweet, delicious fruit!

And, guess what? 

That glorious green smoothie tastes like fruit…not greens!

Sweet and refreshing.


My encouragement to you is to just try one.  Give it a chance, Sister.

I won’t steer you wrong.

(Remember this…there are MANY different combinations of ingredients you can put in your green smoothie.  If you make one you that you don’t love, that’s ok! Try again! We’ve all been there.  You will CERTAINLY find a go-to combination that you WILL love.)

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