Which BUCKET Are You Filling?

Let’s play a little game.  Health is more fun when we play games, right?

Pretend you have two buckets.  One bucket says “DIS-EASE” on the front and the other one says, “VIBRANT HEALTH” on the front.

Picture these buckets in your mind. 

Got it?

My question to you is…which bucket are you most consistently filling? 

Some things that fill the DIS-EASE bucket are:

·        Consuming too much fake food (processed, packaged, sugar-filled).

·        Not getting enough sleep.

·        Letting stress rule your life.

·        Being too sedentary.

·        Not staying hydrated.

·        Lack of forgiveness.

·        Lack of fulfillment in life.

·        Not getting enough leafy greens, fresh veggies, fruit.

·        Disconnection from your Creator.

·        Low-vibrational, negative thought life.

·        Emotional stress.

What else could you add to this DIS-EASE bucket?


Some things that fill your VIBRANT HEALTH bucket are:

·        Consuming lots of leafy greens, fresh veggies, delicious fruit.

·        Moving your body through enjoyable PLAY time.

·        Finding fulfillment through serving others, engaging in hobbies, etc.

·        Getting adequate, good quality sleep.

·        Managing stress effectively.

·        Deep breathing.

·        Connecting with God daily through prayer, scripture, etc.

·        Drinking lots of cool, crisp water.

·        Forgiving others.

·        High-vibrational, positive, powerful thought life.

What else could you add to this VIBRANT HEALTH bucket?

Back to my first question to you. 

Up until now, which bucket remains consistently full in your life?  Why?

I’d like to challenge you to picture these two buckets in your mind every day and be conscious about which one you’re filling based on your choices throughout the day.  When you make a choice, imagine which bucket it’s going into. 

The goal, obviously, is to fill up your VIBRANT HEALTH bucket each and every day.  Does this mean you’ll never put anything in the DIS-EASE bucket? No. That’s unrealistic.  But, what I challenge you to do is to focus on what you can load into your VIBRANT HEALTH bucket throughout the day. 

Make it fun! The more you put into your VIBRANT HEALTH bucket, the healthier and happier you’ll be. And, this consistency, over time, will work wonders for your overall health and well-being.


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