Soothing and Powerful Essential Oil Throat Blend

Want an essential oil solution to support your throat health?  

Read on!

My brother, Ryan, was here over the Christmas holidays and was drained from all the preparations to get here. Knowing I was a Certified Health Coach and essential oil enthusiast he asked me what could he do to support his immune system. He also said his throat was tender.

This is what we did for him while he was here. I gave him an essential oil immunity boosting blend to gargle, and I made up some capsules of lemon, melaleuca, oregano, frankincense and the immunity boosting blend. 2 drops each. He took that capsule about 3 times over the course of the afternoon/night and then once again the next day before he left. He gargled with the immunity boosting blend several times.


I also made him a custom throat blend to use topically on his throat and neck.

This is what was in the topical throat blend:

  • 8 drops Sandalwood essential oil

  • 5 drops Melaleuca/Tea Tree essential oil

  • 5 drops Lavender essential oil

  • 3 drops Frankincense essential oil

  • 5 drops Lemon essential oil

I put these essential oils in a 2 oz bottle, topped off with fractionated coconut oil (or any carrier oil of your choice).  I told him to use it every hour or so.

Using oregano on the bottoms of the feet is also a good thing to do.  A drop or two every couple of hours. Sandalwood, alone, is also an excellent oil by itself for topical throat support.

I texted him about 3 days later to check on him and he said he was feeling better.  I texted him again a few days after that and he said he was great, well, awesome, excellent!

Essential oils support your body in a natural, powerful way.  If you'd like more information about essential oils for your specific needs, email me at