The Real Reason for Eating Clean (it’s not what you think)

"Clean eating" has become such a THING lately.  Have you noticed?

I began leading my 10-Day Eat Clean Challenges about 5 years ago.

(Yes...time flies!)

And, while clean eating is excellent for your physical body, that's not the main purpose, in my opinion.

Most people want to eat clean in order to lose weight, boost energy, improve mood, and ease chronic health issues. All of that is GOOD!  And, yes, all of that happens when you focus on eating whole, simple, natural foods.


But there's a deeper reason for eating clean...

It helps to clear your connection with God.

That's right.

When you eat what He put on this planet in its most whole, natural form, your brain fog begins to clear and it becomes easier to commune with God on a deeper level.

In essence, when you get all the junk food, processed/packaged/fake/sugaryout of your system, and replace it with energy-giving, life-giving, nourishing, REAL food, the "static on the line" is cleared between you and God.

You're finally better able to hear His guidance for your next steps in living your purpose.

So, truly, the more fresh, leafy greens/fruits/veggies you add in, the better your connection with God.  There is a direct correlation.

Eat more God food to get closer to God.

Make sense?

Are you desiring to hear from God about things going on in your life? Drink a green smoothie and listen closely.