Does Success Equal Happiness?

Does success equal happiness?  Have you noticed that people seem to be on an endless treadmill, moving faster and harder, in pursuit of the success they THINK will finally bring them happiness?  They think if they can just get that promotion, make that sale, land that client, they will be happy.  The problem with that is that as soon as they get that promotion, make that sale, or land that client, suddenly their brain focuses on the next thing they need to achieve…and it’s not until they achieve that next thing that happiness will follow.  This makes happiness elusive. See the problem in this way of thinking?  Happiness is always on the other side of the “cognitive horizon.” (watch this video and you’ll understand better!)

Instead of pursuing success to find happiness, this video challenges us to find happiness FIRST!  When you raise someone’s level of positivity RIGHT NOW, the brain experiences the “happiness advantage!”  Doesn’t that sound good??  Intelligence rises.  Creativity rises.

Watch this to find out exactly how to train your brain to be more positive!  It’s about 12 minutes long and totally worth your time!