Disconnect to Reconnect

Facebook.  Twitter.  Linked In.  Google +.  Pinterest.  We are more connected now than we have ever been.

Or, are we?


I actually believe we are much more disconnected now than we have ever been.  I believe we are all craving more face-to-face time…not Facebook. All of our social connection sites strap us behind our computers, anchor us to our phones, and keep us from making REAL connections with fellow human beings.  Don’t get me wrong. There is a place for social media in our world.  It gives us a way to network with people from around the world without having to leave our cozy homes.  And, that is cool.  And, I use it. But, it shouldn’t take the place of real, in-person connection.  As a holistic health coach, I speak a lot about “primary food.” 


Primary food is everything you are “feeding” your body that is not “real” food.  So, primary food is your career, your spiritual life, your physical activity, your environment, and your relationships.  As you have guessed, we’re going to talk about relationships today.  Many times when clients come to see me, they are feeling depressed and disconnected.  They feel withdrawn and unfulfilled.  Along with changing the food they put into their bodies, we also explore their primary food, including relationships.  I often find that they are spending way too much time at home, alone, behind their computer.  While they are connected with people all over the world, they are disconnected from real human touch and love.  And, yes, this leads to feelings of depression, sadness, and disconnection.

I’ve got a fun way to re-ignite real connection with real human beings in your community.  This is what I call the “Reconnection through Random Acts of Kindness” method!

Here’s what you do…

Step away from your computer (after you have finished reading this, of course)!  That’s right.  Turn it off.  Don’t worry.  It will be here when you return!  If you’re really brave, leave your phone at home, too!  If you can’t do that, just challenge yourself not to look at it while you’re out.  Think about someone in your local area who could use a pick-me-up.  I am sure someone will come to mind.  Maybe a neighbor.  A church acquaintance.  A long-lost friend.  Do something random and totally unexpected for this person.  Take her a beautiful plant.  Knock on your neighbor’s door and tell him you just wanted him to know that you are available should he ever need anything.  Call your long-lost friend and invite her to coffee!

Or, you could always connect with a total stranger through a random act of kindness!  When you visit Starbucks, treat the person behind you in line to a cup of coffee.  Or, at the drive-thru, pay for the people’s food in line after you.  Or, a totally free way to connect is to sincerely talk to someone in line at Walmart.  Pay her a compliment.  Tell her she’s doing a great job as a mom.  You get the idea!  You will make someone’s day!

When you gift people with random acts of kindness, you are gifting yourself, too.  You will feel uplifted, optimistic, and happy.  It will really help you to feel more connected.  And, who knows what may happen when you begin to connect with people in this way.  A new friend.  A new love.  A new job?  The possibilities are endless!

Every time I end a coaching session with a client, I give them an assignment.  So, every time you and I end our time together, I will give you an assignment, too!  Your homework until we meet again is to gift at least one person with a random act of kindness!  After you do it, notice how you feel.  

Enjoy reconnecting with happiness!