6 Secrets to Breaking the Sugar Habit!

To improve your health dramatically, you gotta break the sugar habit.  The refined white stuff is as addictive as cocaine.  So, I understand how difficult it is to overcome those cravings.

Here are a few secrets to help you say sayonara to sugar:

1. Understand that food craves food. 

If you’re eating lots of sugary “foods”, then your body will crave sugar.  (And this makes kicking the sugar habit really difficult.)  The good news is that the more you ADD IN the good stuff (fresh fruits, veggies, leafy greens....real food), the more your body will crave the good stuff and saying bye-bye to sugar will become easier.  Yes, it will be hard in the beginning as your body detoxes from the overabundance of sugar it has been bombarded with, but just keep adding in the good stuff.  You will get over the hump of those strong sugar cravings and you will absolutely be better off when you do!

2. Make sure you’re getting a good mix of foods at each meal.

Good fat (avocados, nuts, nut butters, salmon, coconut oil), good protein (nuts, quinoa, lean/good quality meats in condiment-sized portions, plant-based protein), and good carbohydrate (bananas, berries, brown rice, oatmeal, sprouted grain bread) should all be present at each meal.  This keeps you satiated, nourished, and keeps your blood sugar stable. Oh, and yes, there is good protein to be found in plant world!  And, plant-based protein is more easily assimilated into the body than animal protein.  It’s easier for your body to digest. Google “plant-based protein” and read all about it!  



And, check out what Kris Carr says when people ask her where to get protein in a plant-strong diet:  

“This is definitely the question that vegans hear most often.  But when was the last time you heard of anyone being protein deficient in the Western world?  It just doesn’t happen – among vegans or omnivores.  I get my protein from eating a well-balanced, whole foods diet. There is protein in nuts, seeds, vegetables and many other foods.  North Americans are obsessed with protein, and really, we eat far too much of it.  If your diet includes various and diverse plant-based foods, you’ll get enough, even if you’re very active.  Good sources of protein include foods like almonds, lentils, quinoa, beans, broccoli, tempeh and chickpeas.  And none of these proteins have bad fats or cholesterol (bonus!)” 

 - Kris Carr - she used nutrition and natural solutions to overcome cancer.

3. Sleep!  You gotta sleep! 

See, there are two hormones, leptin and ghrelin, that are closely linked to hunger. (Ghrelin triggers the hunger sensation (so you feel hungry) and leptin makes you feel satiated.)  With prolonged sleep deprivation, leptin production decreases and ghrelin production increases, causing the body to feel hungry and therefore increasing the likelihood of reaching for the sweets.  And, when you’re exhausted, you are more likely to make wrong choices when it comes to food.  You’re more likely to grab the Oreo’s or Snickers bar.  So, sleep well, my friend!

4. Hydrate. 

Sooooooo many times your body is crying out for hydration, but you think it’s crying out for sugar.  Right?!  (It’s ok...we all have this problem).  We are a dehydrated society in need of a lot more delicious water.  The next time a sugar craving hits, give yourself a HUGE glass of water first.  Then, if you’re still craving something sweet, go for a piece of dark chocolate or a piece of juicy fruit!  But, always give your body hydration FIRST.  (Check out the book, Your Body’s Many Cries for Water by Dr. Batmanghelidg.)

5. ADD IN naturally sweet substitutes for refined white sugar. 

Stevia, Xylitol, honey, pure maple syrup.  All are good substitutes.  Also, cinnamon is a good thing to sprinkle on oatmeal or add to your smoothie for a little bit of sweetness (I know it’s not super sweet), AND it also helps to control blood sugar spikes throughout the day. Also, as your body adjusts to less and less sugar, you won’t feel the need to sweeten everything soooo much.

6. Finally (and maybe most importantly) ask yourself, “What needs to be sweeter in my life?”

See, sometimes when we feel bored or unfulfilled in life, we reach for candy, chocolate, cake, cookies, etc., in a search for sweetness.  But, we need to quit using food as a crutch and get to the root of the issue.  Where are you lacking sweetness in life?  Career?  Relationships?  Environment?  Self-care?  Evaluate each area and find healthy ways to make those areas sweeter.  Maybe a new hobby, a new career, a new friend, a trip, a massage...you get the picture! One more thing...if you are feeling that sugar has a major grip on you, it may be time for a detox to get it out of your system.  Join one of my upcoming Eat Clean Challenges or inquire about private health coaching with me.

In the meantime, go to YouTube and watch, “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” (It’s totally worth your time.)

“The food you eat can either be the safest and most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.” ~Ann Wigmore