5 Ways to Love Your Liver


It’s time to give you liver some love!  Why?  Because it’s the largest organ in your body, and it’s responsible for the super important task of detoxifying your body on a daily basis.  Your body is bombarded with toxins, from the foods we eat, to the environment we live in, to the daily stress we deal with.  And, even though your liver is said to be the “engine” of your body, I bet you haven’t given it much thought throughout your life.  Did you know that you could only live for 2 days without your liver?

So, stop right now and send loving thoughts to your liver!

Now, let’s look at 5 SIMPLE ways to give your amazing liver a little extra love.

1. Drink water with lemon. 

Lemon is alkalizing and detoxifying for your body and your liver.  The more you can support your body in detoxification, the better.  First thing in the morning, grab a warm mug of water with lemon before anything else.

2. Eat fiber-rich foods. 

Fiber is great for your liver because it helps it to remove waste from your body.  Most Americans don’t get nearly enough fiber.  Think back through your day.  How much did you get?  Have you eaten lots of fresh, leafy green, veggies, fruit, legumes, and whole grains?  If not, start NOW!  That’s where you get the fiber you need to move things out of your body, keeping you regular and cleansing your body.  Also, fiber helps to make you feel full and satiated, so it’s very good to regular weight.

3. Get regular sleep. 

Your liver, and other organs, refresh and revitalize overnight.  You need to be in a deep, peaceful sleep throughout the night to give them this chance.  So, don’t eat a couple of hours before bed, turn all electronics off around 10 pm, take a hot bath infused with lavender, slide between your sheets, meditate on your blessings, and fall asleep with happiness and gratitude in your heart.  Your liver will love you for it!

4. Go easy on the alcohol. 

Alcohol is very hard on your liver, so save it for only VERY special occasions.  I think that’s all that needs to be said on that topic.  (Oh, and no smoking, either.)

5. Stay at your ideal weight. 

Studies show a correlation between obesity and fatty liver disease, so do whatever is in your power to stay at your ideal weight.  If you’re not at your ideal weight as you read this, start taking steps to get there right away.  Eat clean, whole, natural foods.  Drink lots of water.  Practice daily stress reduction.  Enjoy daily physical activity.  When you do all of those things on a consistent basis, you will bring your body back to its ideal weight.

When you take these steps to love your liver, your whole body will benefit! Start today.