Your Personal Invitation...

Summer is here and it's the perfect time to put yourself on the front burner so you can lose weight and feel GREAT when September arrives.

I am excited to personally invite you into my


This is a program I've created just for you, based on requests, thoughts, ideas, and needs of my She Shines Community.  We'll be integrating mind, body, and spirit to create your most vibrant health and ideal weight.  This is a plant strong, whole-foods Slim Down...nothing weird or crazy.  We'll be enjoying what God put on this planet for us to enjoy in its most whole, natural form.  Slowing down, reducing stress, feeding the soul, and focusing on holistic self care.  Summer is the BEST time to do this...yes, even with travel and vacation.  (I'll teach you how to navigate this!)

This program is for you if...

1.  You are committed to focusing on your health and weight loss for the summer...and are done with excuses. (Yes, you DO have time for this.) :)

2.  You understand the power of support and accountability.

3.  You are eager to invite God into the middle of your weight loss.

4.  You would benefit from one-on-one coaching/support to help you break through strongholds to reach your most ideal weight and most vibrant health.

5.  You enjoy a community of like-minded people on the same journey.

6.  You understand that weight is a symptom of an underlying root cause, and getting to the root cause can take time, patience, and perseverance.

7.  You are ready for an amazing journey of re-connection to self and to God. 

8.  You understand that self-care is not selfish.  You MUST take care of yourself and your health so you can live your purpose with passion and energy.

9.  You have a significant amount of weight to lose (whatever is significant to you) and you're motivated and committed to make it happen.

10.  You are done with quick fixes and magic pills and are instead ready to make REAL, health-supporting changes that will make your weight loss sustainable over the long term.

How will the best summer of your life look, if you choose in?

This is a one-on-one coaching program with a group element.  You'll be getting the best of both worlds.  This will be an intimate group so that I can offer lots of personal attention, accountability, and support.  My time and attention will be on the participants in this group as I will not be offering any other public programs this summer.  This is IT and it's the place to be if weight loss is your goal.  You will leave the program at the end of August feeling lighter on your feet, more confident in your clothes, more energy in your body, AND you'll have a whole new appreciation for the Miracle Machine God has given you! 

(August is coming will you choose to use the time between now and then?)


  • 6 private coaching sessions (every other week).
  • 6 group teleclasses (alternating weeks).
  • Weekly LIVE Book Club (where I'll share excerpts from some of my favorite resources).
  • Unlimited access to me via email and text.
  • Weekly topics that will guide your education, inspiration, and knowledge. (hormonal health, daily detox rituals, insulin resistance, eating out and travel, stress and cortisol, and more!)
  • Whole food, plant-strong recipes.
  • Meal Matrix.
  • Weekly planning/preparing accountability.
  • Private FB group for you and all the incredible participants, aka Slim Down Sisters.
  • Giveaways!  (Fun, fun!)


  • Slim & Sassy Metabolic Blend softgels (30 day supply)
  • Slim & Sassy Gum
  • Balance essential oil (15 ml)
  • Various ebooks throughout the Summer


  • "Eat to Live" Cookbook mailed to your home
  • Additional "lifeline" private session to use any time in the Fall.


$900 (full pay) for the entire summer of support

$325/month (installment plan) for the entire summer of support


Email and we'll schedule a time to chat.  I ONLY want you in this program is you KNOW God is nudging you to do this. 


I promise to inspire, motivate, and educate you while holding you lovingly accountable throughout the summer!  I promise to give you my best AND pray for you daily.  I promise to pour my heart and soul into this program and each participant.  I promise that this approach to weight loss is not just about the food, but instead about integrating mind, body, and spirit for a powerful, transformational journey.  I promise that this summer could be your most health-changing, weight-losing summer if you are committed to the process. :)


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Spinach Can Do That?!

Feeling grumpy, sad, Anxious and frequently irritated?!

You're not alone.

And, it could be the food you're eating.  Have you ever thought about how the food you eat affects the mood you're in?

It sure does!!

Here are 6 delicious foods that will help keep your mood positive and happy!  (And we ALL need a little more of that.)

1.  One of my favorites...avocados!  They are packed with tyrosine which helps the body produce dopamine.  A spike of dopamine leads to increased feelings of motivation.  They are loaded with vitamin E, folate, fiber, and healthy fat.  An avocado a day keeps the blues away!

2.  Lots of people love salmon, and it's a great mood enhancer!  Salmon is loaded with Omega-3 fatty acids. Those fatty acids fight against feelings of depression and anxiety because it increases dopamine and serotonin in the body.  Don't like fish?  Try some walnuts, chia seeds, or flaxseeds for the Omega-3's.  All good stuff!

3.  Afraid of carbs?  Don't be!  Healthy carbohydrates are linked to the production of serotonin, a natural mood stabilizer.  Add a side of brown rice or quinoa to your dinner plate and you'll have a happier night! (But, leave out the white flour, processed carbs, like bagels and bread.)

4.  You know I couldn't talk about food and mood without talking about something green!  Spinach!  Not only is it packed with serotonin-boosting magnesium, it's also full of zinc and folic acid, both of which combat depression.  (No wonder green smoothie drinkers are so full of positivity and happiness!)

5.  Here's one you might not think about.  Did you know bananas can help you overcome feelings of temporary depression due to their high levels of tryptophan?  That tryptophan is then converted to serotonin (the happy-mood brain neurotransmitter).  Trytophan is a known mood and sleep regulator (you've probably heard about it around Thanksgiving).  Bananas are the world's first fast food!  Grab one today and peel happy...I mean feel happy!

6.  You didn't think I would leave chocolate out of the discussion did you?!  Dark chocolate has been linked to reducing stress and lowering blood pressure.  Find a dark chocolate with a high percentage of cacao and the least amount of added sugar.  Usually a square will satisfy a sweet tooth.  A great way to enjoy a little indulgence.


Eat God food!  Enjoy what He put on this planet in its most whole, natural form, and get a wide variety of the good stuff!  All of His foods (REAL food) have mood-enhancing, energy-boosting qualities. So, if you're stuck in a mood rut, consider the food you've been eating.  Food packed with sugar, chemicals, and preservatives could be the culprit.  Start adding in the good stuff (the God stuff) and watch your mood improve!






A Different Approach to Weight Loss

Did you know that almost 70% of Americans are considered overweight?

If you find "weight loss" at the top of your health goals list, you are not alone.

In fact, about 99% of my clients come to me EXACTLY for that in losing weight and keeping it off.

They are frustrated, confused, and tired of counting points, counting calories, and trying to figure out which "diet" will create sustainable weight loss for them.

And, they've tried them all.

I hear the frustration in their voices.  They just want a long-term solution so they can feel confident in their own skin.

They want to be able to live their purpose with passion and energy.

They want to be able to stop thinking about their weight so they can think about their life.

I understand.

This is why I approach "weight loss" in a different way.

I call it "Holistic Weight Loss".

There is not a "one-size-fits-all" diet out there.  (Don't fool yourself.)

And, it's NEVER just about the food you eat (or don't eat).

Holistic weight loss is a multi-dimensional approach to losing weight and keeping it off (because you're a multi-dimensional human being).

It's a lifestyle, not a diet.

It's about integrating mind, body, and spirit to create your ideal weight and most vibrant health.

And, God wants to be right in the middle of your health and weight loss, just as He's right in the middle of everything else.

We often find ourselves overweight, exhausted, and stressed out because we have lost connection with God and self. 

Reconnecting with God and self is at the heart of the weight loss process.  (And the part that's most often forgotten.)

Holistic weight loss is not "another diet to try."

It's a way of life where you learn to cultivate wellness daily by being conscious and intentional about choices throughout the day.  You learn what works well in your body and what does not. 

YOU are the expert on YOU.  Only you know how things feel in your body, so it's imperative to pay attention to that. 

And, weight loss should not be stressful and boring!  In fact, there should be no stress around weight loss.  I like to call it an Adventure!  It's really a fun time of getting to know your body better and adding in the good stuff to bring it back into balance.  We're not focused on restriction and denial (there's NO fun in that!).

Once you bring your body back into balance, the weight begins to fall off

This is not something you can do on your own.  You must rely on God to walk the path with you.  It's not by your own might that you break through strongholds and health-harming habits.  It's by His power.

"The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds." 2 Corinthians 10:4

(Don't you just love that scripture verse?!)

If you find yourself frustrated with your weight loss efforts, it's time for a holistic approach.  Bring your mind, body, and spirit together so they can co-create the health and weight you desire.  Release frustration and negativity, and rely on the presence of God.

If you'd like a 20 minute holistic weight loss strategy session with me, email and we'll set it up. 







7 Snack Foods That Won't Pack On The Pounds!

Do you LOVE a good snack around 3 pm?

Join the club! :)

We all need to know about yummy snack foods that won't pack on the pounds.  So, here are REAL foods that you can snack on throughout the day and know that you're giving your body energy, your mind clarity, and your complexion a healthy glow.  Good stuff, huh?!

1.  Celery-Celery reduces inflammation,  so if you are suffering from joint pains, lung infections, asthma, or acne, eating more celery will bring much-needed relief. It helps you calm down: Celery for stress-relief? Oh yes! The minerals in celery, especially magnesium, soothe the nervous system. If you enjoy a celery-based snack in the evening, you will sleep better. It regulates the body’s alkaline balance, thus protecting you from problems such as acidity. Celery aids digestion.  Some say celery tastes like “crunchy water,” which is why it is so good for your digestive system.  The high water content of celery, combined with the insoluble fiber in it, makes it a great tool for easy passage of stool. Note: because celery has diuretic and cleansing properties, those with diarrhea should avoid eating it.  It contains “good” salts. Yes, celery does contain sodium, but it is not the same thing as table salt. The salt in celery is essential for your health.  Add a little natural almond butter, sunbutter, or peanut butter on top and you've got a good & tasty afternoon snack!


2.  Bell peppers-One cup of bell peppers will give you more than your daily quota of Vitamin A and C. The highest amount of Vitamin C in a bell pepper is concentrated in the red variety.  Red bell peppers contain several phytochemicals and carotenoids, particularly beta-carotene, which lavish you with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. The capsaicin in bell peppers has multiple health benefits. Studies show that it reduces ‘bad’ cholesterol, controls diabetes, brings relief from pain and eases inflammation. The bell pepper is a good source of Vitamin E, which is known to play a key role in keeping skin and hair looking youthful. Certain enzymes in bell peppers, such as lutein, protect the eyes from cataracts and macular degeneration later in life.  My kids love red bell peppers, too.  Grab a few at the store, wash them, cut them up, and have them ready for after-school snacking.  They are perfect all by themselves or with a little hummus.


3.  Kale-The fiber found in kale binds bile acids and helps lower blood cholesterol levels and reduce the risk of heart disease.  Kale is a detox food.  It’s filled with fiber and sulfur which are great for detoxifying your body and keeping your liver healthy.  Kale is rich in organosulfur compounds which are known to fight cancer, especially colon cancer.  Kale is full of sulforaphane which helps which nourishes the immune system. It is very high in fiber and has more iron than beef per calorie. It's also very high in in Vitamin K, full of powerful antioxidants and much more.  Add kale to your green smoothie to get all the benefits!  Or make some delicious kale chips.  (No one can eat just one!)


4.  Broccoli-Its deep green hue is a dead giveaway that it’s full of cancer-fighting phytochemicals. Broccoli is also packed with gut-filling fiber which helps you to feel fuller longer!  Like many whole foods, broccoli is packed with soluble fiber that draws cholesterol out of your body. Broccoli is anti-inflammatory because of the phytonutrients. It's a smart carb and its high fiber content aids in digestion, prevents constipation, maintains low blood sugar, and curbs overeating. Furthermore, a cup of broccoli has as much protein as a cup of rice or corn with half the calories. It's also alkalizing to the body.  Grab a little tree today and eat up!  One of my favorite ways to eat broccoli is to toss with a little olive oil, sea salt, and lemon pepper.  Roast it in the oven at 350 degrees for about 15 minutes.  Soooo good!


5.  Cauliflower-fights cancer, boosts heart health, is anti-inflammatory, iis rich in vitamins and minerals, boosts brain health and is good for digestive health.  You should Google "cauliflower recipes" and see what comes up.  There's so much you can do with this delicious veggie!  One simple thing you can do is roast it. Also delicious raw with a homemade veggie dip.


6.  Cherry tomatoes-yummy, juicy, sweet and contain vitamin A.  They help maintain eye health and boost your immune system.  Another vitamin in cherry tomatoes, vitamin C, also impacts your immune system.  Lycopene, a compound found in tomatoes, can impact prostate health.  Great for snacking...these are my youngest daughter's favorite thing to eat!  In fact, I sent some to school with her today for her snack!  Juicy, nutritious, and delicious.


7.  Spinach-you gotta eat those alkalizing greens! The bounty of vitamins and minerals in spinach can bring you quick relief from dry, itchy skin and lavish you with a radiant complexion. (Ask me about my husband's spinach/complexion story!)  Regular consumption of fresh, organic spinach juice has been shown to improve skin health dramatically. Everyone talks about the benefits of spinach in nourishing the eyes and building bones. It's also excellent for digestion. Spinach eases constipation and protects the mucus lining of the stomach, so that you stay free of ulcers.  It also flushes out toxins from the colon.  Spinach is a go-to in my green smoothies, and a green smoothie is the perfect afternoon snack. 


These foods are delicious, nutritious, and perfect to snack on without packing on the pounds.  Eat the rainbow!!  This is the way God intended for you to snack.  I recommend that you buy veggies, wash them, and cut them up so they're ready to eat when the urge hits.  I promise you that if they're ready to eat, your family will eat more of the good stuff!  Now, excuse me while I go eat some broccoli. :)

Soothing & Powerful Essential Oil Throat Blend

Want an essential oil solution to support your throat?  Read on!

My brother, Ryan (here with my kiddos) was here over the Christmas holidays and was drained from all the preparations to get here.  Knowing I was a Certified Health Coach and essential oil enthusiast he asked me what could he do to support his immune system.  He also said his throat was tender.

This is what we did for him while he was here.  I gave him an essential oil immunity boosting blend to gargle, and I made up some capsules of lemon, melaleuca, oregano, frankincense and the immunity boosting blend. 2 drops each.  He took that capsule about 3 times over the course of the afternoon/night and then once again the next day before he left.  He gargled with the immunity boosting blend several times.

I also made him a custom throat blend to use topically on his throat and neck.

This is what was in the topical throat blend.

  •      8 drops Sandalwood essential oil
  •      5 drops Melaleuca/Tea Tree essential oil
  •      5 drops Lavender essential oil
  •      3 drops Frankincense essential oil
  •      5 drops Lemon essential oil

I put these essential oils in a 2 oz bottle, topped off with fractionated coconut oil (or any carrier oil of your choice).  I told him to use it every hour or so.

Using oregano on the bottoms of the feet is also a good thing to do.  A drop or two every couple of hours.  Sandalwood, alone, is also an excellent oil by itself for topical throat support.

I texted him about 3 days later to check on him and he said he was feeling better.  I texted him again a few days after that and he said he was great, well, awesome, excellent!

Essential oils support your body in a natural, powerful way.  If you'd like more information about essential oils for your specific needs, email me at


6 Lessons I Learned From My First Pure Barre Class

Have you ever tried something WAY outside your comfort zone?  How did it make you feel?

Here's one of my "step-outside-the-comfort-zone" experiences and what I learned...

I took a Pure Barre class.

Pure Barre is a full-body workout that you feel ALL OVER.  It's becoming more and more popular with boutique studios opening up around the nation.

I learned a few things from my first class.  Thought I'd share with you.

1.  Having a good teacher/mentor/coach is imperative.  Rebecca is the owner of the Pure Barre studio near my house.  She was also the instructor of the class I chose to take as my first class (I specifically chose to take HER class so I could benefit from her knowledge). 

Even before the class Rebecca was encouraging, helpful, and communicative.  She made me feel very at ease throughout the process.  During the class, she paid attention to my form (which was often off target!) and quietly gave me instruction.  She is personable, helpful, and passionate about what she does. 

I think any time we try something new, step out of our comfort zone, or stretch ourselves to a new level, an excellent coach/trainer/mentor is imperative.  Thank you, Rebecca!  You rock.


2.  It's good to change things up every once in a while!  The beginning of a new year is an excellent time to evaluate every aspect of your life and get out of a rut if you're feeling stuck.  I have always been an active person (used to be a personal trainer), but I was feeling a little "stuck in a rut" and knew I needed something different for my PLAY time (physical activity).  I knew my body needed a new challenge.  So, I sought out something different.  I had been hearing about Pure Barre and what an amazing workout it is, so I thought that would be a good thing to try.


3.  The right equipment and clothing helps the whole process (even if it feels weird).  In Pure Barre, there's lots of different positions and movements.  They suggest tight fitting workout wear for the most comfort.  If you know me, you know I'm not a tight clothing kinda gal.  So, this was a rather huge hurdle for me to jump over. 

However, I understood the necessity, so off to Academy I went.  Purchased some body-hugging leggings and workout shirt.  Though it was weird to see me in those clothes, during the class I was glad I bit the bullet and wore them.  They didn't ride up, fall around, or show anything I didn't want to show.  For that, I was thankful.  (Though, I do think next time I'll wear a little bit looser fitting shirt over the tight one just for my own comfort.)


4.  It's crazy how easy it is to revert back to high school days and feelings of inadequacy and rejection.  So, this is what went down. When I arrived, I had no idea where to go or what to do.  Yes, I felt quite inadequate, self-conscious, and weird (like high school!).  However, Rebecca came to my rescue (like that nice girl in high school!).  She showed me the equipment I needed, and the spot on the floor to claim as mine for the class. 

In front of "my" spot a few feet, there was someone else's equipment.  (She had gone to the bathroom.)  I just assumed there was enough room for both of us since that's specifically where I was told to go.  So, I was sitting there, alone, waiting for class to start and wondering what I had just gotten into, when the owner of the other equipment came back from the bathroom and very loudly said, "Oh, that's my equipment there, you'll need to move."  She was friendly enough, embarrassing!  I had no idea where to go. 

The class was full. There really were no other spots available. Luckily, another gal behind us heard the remark (as I'm sure the whole class did) and had mercy on me.  She told me I could come squeeze in by her (which was actually much less room than where I was in the first place).  So, squeeze I did.  She was so nice and helpful. 

But, boy, I really felt like a kid in high school again.  Embarrassed, unsure, inadequate.  It made me realize how fragile feelings can be and how easily they can surface.  If we're not conscious of it, negative feelings/energy can derail us in a heartbeat.  (So, be conscious!)


5.  Having a group of like-minded people working on accomplishing the same goal is essential to success.  All of us in that full class were there to finish the class.  We were there to challenge our bodies and push limits.  It's so much easier to accomplish difficult tasks when you're not alone, when you have other people in your boat and on your side. 

There's such good energy when everyone is working on achieving a goal.  It makes you not want to quit!  Yes, it's hard.  Yes, your legs are shaking.  Yes, your body is tired.  But, so is everyone else...and you ALL just keep going.  You just keep moving. 

I think this is imperative to remember in life.  Whether you're starting a business, starting a new workout routine, starting a new healthy lifestyle, be sure you're doing it with friends or other like-minded individuals.  I always say, "Health is more fun with friends!"  It's true.  But, it's not just more "fun," it's easier and more meaningful when you take the journey together.


6.  I learned that I'm not nearly as flexible as I used to be!!  My legs were shaky the entire day after that workout.  And, I was SORE the day after.  Every time I moved, I groaned. We lose flexibility as we age and that has never been more apparent to me.  So, I'll be working on flexibility.  Stretching daily.  It's so good for your body and your mind.  I encourage you to do the same!

I highly recommend Pure Barre for anyone who wants to take their fitness, strength, and tone to the next level.  You can modify it to fit your needs.  Push yourself, but don't kill yourself.  Listen to your body.


But, if Pure Barre is not your thing, find SOMETHING that is outside your comfort zone to continually push yourself.  If not, life gets stagnant.  :)


The Secret That Will Change The WayYou Approach Weight Loss

Tired of all the denial, restriction, frustration, and craziness surrounding weight loss?  So many different experts telling you so many different rules to follow.  It’s downright complicated.

And annoying.

Counting points, counting calories, and obsessing with numbers does not have to be part of your weight loss story.  In fact, doing those things is unsustainable for the long term.

Would you like to know a secret that could change the way you look at weight loss forever?


Yep.  ADD IN. 

When you add in the good stuff, it crowds out the not-so-good. 

Then you’re no longer focused on what you can’t have, but rather on what you CAN have.  While you’re adding in all that good stuff, there’s just no more room for the not-so-good.

And then a funny thing happens…

You begin to CRAVE the good stuff!

It’s true.  Your taste buds begin to change and you will actually WANT that green smoothie!

I realized this when I first began my health journey. 

Picture this.  I had been working all morning and my tummy begin to rumble.  I decided to treat myself to lunch out.  I fired up the minivan and started to head down the road.  As I was driving, I was desperately trying to figure out where to go for lunch.  Nothing sounded good!  Sandwich?  No.  Burger? Nope.  Mexican?  No.  Italian?  Again, no. 

NOTHING was appealing…except a green smoothie.  That was ALL I wanted. 

So, I whipped the minivan around and headed back to Casa de Casey and had a delicious green smoothie.  (With a cute straw, of course.)

It hit the spot.

This will happen for you, too, if you just give it time.  Just watch how you begin to CRAVE the good stuff!

At this point, you might be wondering what exactly IS the “good stuff”?

(Great question.  I’m glad you asked.)

The good stuff is the God stuff.  It’s what He put on this planet in its most whole, natural form.  He knew what He was doing when He created this planet so long ago.  The closer we stick to the food He created, the healthier and happier we’ll be! 

Eat FOOD. Real, whole, simple food.

Let’s say this another way just to be sure you get it…

Leave the fake, processed, packaged “food” at the store.  The less you eat from a package, and the more you eat from the earth, the better you’ll feel and the more weight you’ll lose.

You CAN lose weight.  It doesn’t have to be a frustrating, confusing journey.  Shift your weight loss paradigm from one of denial and restriction to one of ADDING IN the good stuff!  You’ll be happier and healthier by doing this.  Promise!

"If I lose weight, then I can be happy" (Weight Loss Myths, Part 2)

(Read "Myths, Part 1" HERE)

Let's continue the discussion about weight loss myths that could be sabotaging your weight loss efforts.  Here we go...

Myth #6-I have to exercise strenuously every day to lose weight.

You know the type.  She decides she’s going to do whatever it takes to lose the weight, so she begins a rigorous routine of Crossfit, swimming, biking, P90X, running, and yoga.  Exercise takes on a life of its own, and yet the weight doesn’t melt off.  She becomes overwrought with frustration. (Is she you??)

The truth is that strenuous exercise can be counterproductive.  It can be overly stressful on the body AND on your emotion if you’re feeling stressed about exercising so much! 

Try some interval training as it has been shown to be helpful for fat burning.  Interval training is when you do short bursts of intensity followed by recovery.  Do this for 20-30 minutes.  Prolonged, high-intensity cardio doesn’t help. 

Also, be sure you’re having FUN with your “exercise,” or as I like to call it “PLAY”!  Find something you love to do and then do it daily.  Enjoy your PLAY time!  Get that body moving with a wide variety of fun PLAY.

Myth #7-My gut health has nothing to do with weight loss.

If you’re not paying attention to your gut health, then you’re shooting yourself in the foot when it comes to health and weight loss.  Most people live with a gut that’s compromised through too much sugar, white flour foods, alcohol, caffeine, and stress.  (Yes, stress affects your gut.) 

Candida runs rampant and digestive distress is all too commonplace.  An inflamed gut will make it near impossible to lose weight.  Food sensitivities and allergies create this inflammation and typically go unaddressed.

If you’ve been trying to lose weight and it just isn’t happening, it’s time to consider your gut.  You may need to do a formal food sensitivity or allergy test to get to the root.  It might be time for a deep gut cleanse.  At the very least, add in a high-quality probiotic to begin fortifying your gut with healthy flora. 

Some of the most common allergens to consider are gluten, dairy, corn, eggs, citrus, nightshade veggies, yeast, and nuts.  Consider doing an elimination of these offenders for 3 weeks to see if your digestive system feels better (especially if you experience frequent bloating, gassiness, or pain in the digestive tract).

Myth #8-If I lose weight, then I can be happy.

Too often, women think they will be happy IF (and only if) they lose the weight they want to lose.  Until then, they walk around feeling ashamed, frustrated, sad, and just plain blah.  (This is no way to approach a Weight Loss Adventure.  Where’s the fun in that?)

Get happy FIRST!  The body follows the mind.  So, you must release any negative emotions FIRST so you can create a positive space, and good energy, within the body in order to lose the weight.  Your thoughts create your reality and what you focus on grows. 

If you are constantly focused on the weight that just won’t come off, or the thighs that just aren’t the “right size”, or the tummy that won’t flatten out, you're focused on the wrong thing. 

Instead focus on what you LOVE about yourself and your body.  Lavish your whole being with positive self talk and be in gratitude for what God has given you.  Your body is truly a Miracle Machine!!  (Doesn’t matter how far away from your health goals you are, your body is STILL a Miracle Machine.)

Focus on the beauty of your health.  Be grateful.  Stay positive.  And, be conscious and intentional about the self talk you have playing over and over in your mind. 

Happiness comes FIRST.  Then comes weight loss.

Myth #9-I can live a stressed out life and it won’t affect weight loss.

This is a stressful world we live in.  And, if you’re not careful that stress will invade your body.  If you’re constantly being bombarded with stress, and not handling it well, cortisol is constantly released in the body.  This excessive cortisol will hold weight around your middle and makes it almost impossible to lose weight.

If you are serious about losing weight, get serious about reducing stress.  First and foremost.  It’s that important.  One of the easiest and cheapest things you can do to reduce stress is get into a practice of deep breathing. 

When was the last time you took a slow, deep breath?  Do it now!  It feels so good.  And it will really help reduce your stress baseline and keep you feeling better all day long.  (Then you’ll find it much easier to lose the weight.)

Myth #10-I can do this on my own.

You were never intended to do anything on your own.  Did you know that God wants to be part of your health just like He’s part of your life?  He does!  If you’ve tried to lose weight before without inviting God into the process, then you’re missing out BIG TIME. 

A weight loss journey is one of re-connection with Him and re-connection with yourself.  And, it’s not through your power that you navigate each day’s food choices; it’s through His power. 

The weapons we fight with are not the weapons of the world. On the contrary, they have divine power to demolish strongholds. 2 Corinthians 10:4

Invite Him into your health daily.  Call on His power to help you when you feel weak.  Ask Him to guide your steps along your weight loss path. 

Weight loss is not just about reaching a certain weight.  It’s about the journey of re-connection to God and self.  Don’t miss the amazing journey by being so focused on the destination.


Which of these myths have you seen in your life?  What will you do now to turn things around?  Always remember that you are a powerful creator of your reality.  Between you and God, there’s nothing out of your reach.