The gal behind all the SHINE going on around here, and it's True Confession Time...

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Can I be honest with you? I hated health!

Health is foundational to all we do. That’s a fact (and, I think you understand that or you wouldn’t be here). But, personally, I hated health for a loooong time. I wanted nothing to do with it. It was confusing, boring, clinical, frustrating.

There’s calorie counting, restriction, and, denial.. Oh, and don’t forget guilt!

And then there’s dietary experts on every corner telling you their version of what’s right, what works, and what you should do. There are hundreds of dietary theories. A million quick fixes. And enough advice to make your head spin.

Who wants anything to do with any of that confusion?!?

I know I didn’t. And, maybe you have had the same feelings, too.

(All that craziness just makes you just want to throw your hands up and dive into a bag of Oreos.)

But, maybe, like me, you’ve had a health scare. Now you’re ready to dip your toe in the water of holistic health. Hoping, praying it will be different than the norm.

It is. And…

…You've found it!

  • If you are looking for a place that connects mind, body, and spirit together to co-create optimal health, you’ve found it.

  • If you are looking for someone to lead, guide, and support you as you discover YOUR own truths for YOUR own best health, you’ve found it.

  • If you are searching for education, inspiration, and loving accountability so you can reach your health goals and live your purpose with passion and energy, you’ve found it.

  • If you are craving a health philosophy that understands that you are not a one-dimensional human being, but rather multi-dimensional, and all “dimensions” need love and nourishment, you’ve found it.

I quit law school.

Several years ago I quit law school and started to grow my own life-purpose coaching business. I was burning the candle at both ends, overwhelmed, stressed out, and not taking care of myself. Sonic Dr. Pepper was my drink of choice and an occasional side salad is what I consumed if I was trying to “be good”.

I was (and still am) a mom to two kiddos (ages 16 and 9) and married to my college sweetheart. So, I was taking care of everything and everyone else except the one person who could hold it all together...


I ended up getting flu, strep throat, and pink eye all at the same time. Six weeks later I got Shingles on my forehead, above my left eye. It looked like I’d been hit by a baseball. (Yes, it was rather unsightly!)  And, I still have the scars. I was on thin ice as far as my health was concerned.

The first question the doctor asked me after he diagnosed me was;

“What are you stressed out about?”

Think about that and ask yourself that question. It’s important. Most of us don’t think about the effect that stress has on our overall health. Stress is powerful, and daily stress reduction is key to creating the health you desire.

The Shingles episode was the wake-up call I needed to take my health into my own hands. I realized that it was MY responsibility to take care of me. That self-care is not selfish. It’s necessary. I knew change needed to happen...

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Change happened in the form of a green smoothie!

My brother showed me how to make my first green smoothie. I was reluctant, at best, to try this green concoction he had created. But, sip it I did (because my kids were watching), and I LOVED it!

I couldn’t believe, in all my life, I had never had a green smoothie. I knew in that moment that I was getting more green in that glass than I had all week.

I also knew that I wanted to share the power and goodness of green smoothies with everyone! There were so many people in the same boat I was in… not eating well, stressed out, overwhelmed, undernourished. I wanted to share a sip of smoothie with them to bring LIFE back!

The Institute for Integrative Nutrition

However, I didn’t have a nutrition background. My degree from Texas A&M is in psychology (which is absolutely important in the health work I now do.) But, in order to share what I was learning about nutrition with any credibility, I knew I needed to get some credentials. I needed street-cred! So, I enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in New York and became a certified holistic health coach.

I’ve trained under the tutelage of holistic practitioners such as Joshua Rosenthal, Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Andrew Weil, Andrea Nakayama, Dr. Ritamarie Loscalzo, Dr. Josh Axe, Laura Jacobs, Dr. John Doulliard, Tera Warner, Tracy Harrison, and more.

I’ve led thousands of people from all over the world through my signature 10-Day Eat Clean Challenge. I have the privilege of working with private clients and leading group detoxes. I feel beyond blessed that I get to do this work I do.

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A Book & A Radio Spot

My book, The Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur’s Guide to Holistic Health is available on Amazon. I am on 90.9 KCBI in the Dallas/Ft. Worth market sharing holistic health tips on the Morning Show with Jeff and Rebecca.

I speak to groups all over the nation about natural solutions for health, sharing green smoothies, essential oils, and stress reduction techniques with anyone who will listen. I deliver this message in churches, corporate, small groups, large groups, online…wherever I can!

The message I share is one of health for life purpose:

Health is not about losing weight to fit into that pink polka-dot bikini! 

It’s about reclaiming your health so you can live your purpose with passion and energy. You are here on this planet to do big things. You cannot do any of it unless your health is supportive.

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My Philosophy

My philosophy is to add in the good stuff to crowd out the not-so-good.

  • To remember that you have power in your choices, each and every day.

  • To understand that those healthy choices, compounded over time, bring the change you want to create.

  • To know that what you put on your fork, in your glass, and on your feet makes a difference.

  • To remember that your body, mind, and spirit must work together to co-create the health you desire.

  • To understand the power of your mind, and that your mindset is where your health begins.

  • To truly know that YOU are the expert on you, and your health is your privilege (and responsibility) to take care of. To believe that self-care is not selfish, it’s essential.

  • And, to understand the necessity of inviting God into your health journey, each and every day.


So, why are you here? What brought you into my space? Why is it important for you to be healthy?

What’s the point? Why now? And, what are you willing to do to create the change you want to see? Sometimes it’s not easy, but it’s always worth it.

Email me here to let me know your answer to those questions. I’m here to serve and support. Quite possibly, I can direct you to the appropriate resources to support you in achieving your deepest desires.

Let’s talk!

In health and happiness,